Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff Paramed Comfort Black
Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff Paramed Comfort Black
Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff Paramed Comfort Black
Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff Paramed Comfort Black

Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff Paramed Comfort Black

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An FDA-approved and latex-free kit with an accurate and convenient manual blood pressure cuff in black. This kit is equipped with a stethoscope.

Product Benefits

As accurate as it gets

Manual sphygmomanometers are perhaps the most accurate method of measuring blood pressure. And, with the FDA approving the accuracy of this device, you’re surely getting spot-on measurements.

Lightweight, compact, and portable

The device is lightweight and comes with a special pouch that it snugly fits in, which makes carrying it around easier and more convenient.

Durable material

The cuff is completely latex free and is made of superior PVC and polyester. The pouch is made of sturdy nylon. Most importantly, the manometer is made of zinc alloy.

Stethoscope included

Manual Blood Pressure Cuff comes complete with a stethoscope. This makes the device fully-fledged and ready to measure pressure. You will not need to acquire an additional stethoscope.

Standard D-ring cuff

Manual BP Cuff by Paramed has a comfortable cuff 42 cm long. This means that people of any stature can measure pressure without problems. And also the cuff is equipped with a special ring, which simplifies the self-use of the cuff.

Easy to use

The sphygmomanometers has large contrasting figures on the monitor and makes it suitable for older people or people with low vision. Air release valve can be operated using only your thumb.

Read some of our customer reviews

MD Tanim Hasan
Handy tool

I was using an automatic machine to measure blood pressure. I was not happy with the readings from the device. I moved to the manual device and bought this one. I am using this device for a couple of weeks, and I am happy with the readings as it's consistent. The sound from the stethoscope is very clear as well. Well, I am happy with the product and I would highly recommend people who want to buy the blood pressure machine.


Daisy Ritchie
Easy to use

I been in the medical field for almost 10 years. This stethoscope and bp cuff is easy to use. It is accurate in reading and compared to the machine reading. Light weight but reliable. The stethoscope is good, can hear clearly the beat. Compared to the costly one we use, this stethoscope is good. The bp cuff is adjustable to any arm sizes. Will use it continuously a mind see how far this product can go. Overall, I recommend the product, affordable, dependable.


Bryant G. Chang
Perfect for first aid kit

I'm a nurse, and I am very pleased with this blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. It is accurate and very easy to use. I trust this style more than the digital models. The sound quality of the stethoscope is not the greatest, but it is more than sufficient for my home first aid kit, and perfect for someone who needs to check their blood pressure daily. I recommend this product. It is a very good value.


Lawrence M. Burnside
Accurate and Consistent BP Readings!

My wife has very small arms and it was next to impossible to get accurate BP readings with automatic BP cuffs. They were very painful and just kept pumping and squeezed her arm terribly. This manual cuff is great. I am able to get accurate and consistent readings every time. The YouTube tutorial was also very helpful. I would definitely recommend this product!


Cam Dang
Affordable BP cuff and stethoscope

Basically it does the job well. The blood pressure cuff is good and the stethoscope is okay. It measures pretty accurately when I compare it to my digital one. However, if you want a stethoscope with a great hearing function that can go with you for years then this one is not that one. I can hear the sound but it's just not that clear. The pouch is quite small to store both BP cuff and stethoscope and it's not very convenient to use the pouch included. Overall, affordable price with acceptable quality.


Amber Lococo
Quality Product, Low Price

The product arrived on time, and it came with a carrying case and instructions manual, which I thought made it look really nice. I haven't really gotten the chance to use it because I've only just started my nursing classes, but I think the quality is great and it looks like it will last me throughout nursing school. I think it is a great blood pressure cuff and I would purchase it again in the future.


Why You Should Buy This BP Cuff With Stethoscope?

Quality Professional Manual Blood Pressure Monitor

If used and stored correctly, this Professional Manual Blood Pressure Monitor will likely last you a very long time. The device’s durability, proven accuracy, and ease of calibration makes it a top choice for both professionals and non-professionals alike. Available in a slick black color, this device is designed to be used in either clinical or home settings. Finally, a person can use it on themselves.

Utility and functionality of Sphygmomanometer by Paramed

What makes this sphygmomanometer with black cuff especially useful is that it is easy enough for an individual to effortlessly perform the test on themselves. Those with less than perfect vision have been taken into consideration, and the readings on the manometer are large, clear, and visible. The device’s manometer has a built-in clasp that allows it to be placed in a position that is comfortable for the user, improving its accessibility. It can also easily be strapped to the cuff during usage.

Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff Paramed Comfort Black: Specifications

 Model No.: Comfort black
Measurement range:


Measurement precision:


Scale grading: 2mmHg
Built to ЕN 1060-1/2 standards
Pressure sensor: Resistive
Package Dimension:

9.33 x 5.71 x 2.4 inches; 1.1 Pounds

What's in the box?

  • 1 Sphygmomanometer,
  • 1 Cuff,
  • 1 Stethoscope,
  • 1 Bulb and Valve
  • 1 Carry bag,
  • 1 User manual,
  • 1 Guide manual.

Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff Paramed Comfort Black: How to use

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Strap the cuff to your arm

Prior to conducting the test, make sure you are relaxed and comfortable and have not consumed any caffeine or partaken in exercise for at least 30 minutes prior to use. Then, strap the cuff to your left arm, about an inch above your elbow joint, with the tubes of the cuff running centrally down your arm.

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Fasten the manometer at eyelevel

The manometer has a clasp on the back that allows it to be fastened somewhere convenient for the user. Generally, it can be fastened onto the cuff itself. The importance of eye-level positioning is to enable a prompt reading of the measurements while the test is being conducted.

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Place the stethoscope

Put the earpieces of the stethoscope into your ears or the ears of the examiner, and place the bell of the stethoscope right underneath the part of the cuff labeled as “artery”. The clear indication makes it hard to miss.

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Start pumping air into the cuff

At this point, you can begin by filling the cuff with air until it reads your average upper pressure reading plus an additional 30 mmHg. After that, halt the pumping of air, and slowly release air out of the cuff as the arrow of the manometer descends a couple marks per second. Simultaneously, listen carefully to the heartbeat using the stethoscope

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Recording measurements

As you’re listening to the heartbeat, record the measurement at the first beat you hear; that is your systolic pressure. Next, record the measurement when the beats stop; that is your diastolic pressure. Write down your measurements, release the air from the cuff, and proceed to unclasp the device.

Watch our video to learn how to use this sphygmomanometer to get the correct result. 

All your questions answered

When looking at the manometer, you will notice a small rectangle at the bottom of the readings. The arrow of the manometer should always be within the scope of the rectangle when not in use. If the arrow is slightly shifted beyond the borders of the rectangle, then the device needs calibration.

The kit includes a small key that fits into the air-guard opening of the manometer. Carefully rotate the key sideways according to what is needed. Please note that turning the key clockwise moves the arrow to the left, and vice versa.

Yes, the stethoscope is included in the kit. The kit also includes a key for calibration, the cuff, the manometer, the inflation bulb, the tube that attaches to the bulb, and a pouch to secure everything in place.

The cuff is adult sized, and it follows the universal sizing of 8.7-16.5 inches. The cuff is also adjustable. It comes with a built-in D-ring for more size control.

The blood pressure measurement can be done alone by a single individual, or an individual can be assisted by someone else. The reading and testing can be done by an individual if they have the motor skills to do it and knowledge to read the manometer.

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