Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15
Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15
Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15
Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15
Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15
Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15

Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15

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This certified digital gadget will easily, promptly, and, most importantly, accurately measure both your blood pressure (systolic and diastolic readings) and your heartbeat per minute, with a special indicator to alert you of any arrhythmia.

Product Benefits

Large screen and clear buttons

This device is equipped with a large LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons. The lack of complicated buttons and the size of the screen makes using the device and reading the measurements as simple as possible.

Self-checking cuff positioning

The device can check whether the cuff is placed in the right position or not and will alert the user to alter the positioning if necessary. This decreases user-based errors.

Average value function

The average value function is a special reading that will take all of your previous measurements and indicate the changes according to WHO standards. This helps the user understand their data and identify the presence of and track any irregularities.


At the end of a measurement, this monitor automatically stores each result with the date and time. Each unit stores 120 sets of measurements for 2 users (User A and User B), 240 sets total.

Irregular heartbeat detector

The irregular heartbeat symbol is displayed after the measure ment. If the symbol appears more frequently (e.g., several times per week on measurements performed daily) or if it suddenly appears more often than usual, we recommend the patient seek medical advice.

Pulse check

When the device has detected your pulse, the heart symbol in the display begins to blink. When the measurement has been concluded, the measured systolic and diastolic blood pressure values, as well as the pulse, will be displayed.

 Read Some Of Our Happy Customers

Susan B.
Seems accurate. Convenient to have at home.

The blood pressure readings are in line with professional ones from the Dr. office. I wanted to monitor my BP at home to be proactive about my health.


New medical equipment

Excellent easy to use and read . I bought this for my 82 year old Dad and he love it .


Easy to Operate

I bought this because of the price and reviews. I found this blood pressure machine to be of good quality, easy to use and read and matched the reading from my doctor's office.


C. Mita

Nice blood pressure monitor for home use. Simple to use, although I did have to fidget a bit to get it to line up correctly. Clear markings show which end should face the shoulder, where the artery mark is, but I had to adjust it slightly. Quick reading and also lined up with what I've had at recent doctor's office visits, so I believe it to be accurate.


Regina S

Very slow to complete the reading but easy to use and pretty accurate.


Susan Fouts

It's imperative for me to have a reliable BP cuff that I can use quickly. I have a heart arrhythmia & this monitor is ideal for me to use when I'm having any trouble. Thanks!


What additional features does our automatic BP monitor have?

Auto shut off

The measurement results are displayed until you switch the device off. If no button is pressed for 60 seconds, the device switches off automatically.

Ability to charge

You may also operate this monitor using an AC adapter. Use only the approved AC adapter to avoid damaging the unit. Do not use batteries and the AC adapter at the same time. AC adapter is not included.

One size cuff

Our cuffs are a universal size, fitting 8.7 inches - 15.7 inches (22-40 cm) arms. Measure your arm to make sure the cuff will fit you.

No additional purchases required

The set includes batteries, which will allow you to use the device right out of the box. It also comes with a storage bag so you can keep your device in a convenient place and take it with you.

Why do you need an auto bp monitor?

Keep your health under control

With the increasing importance and ease-of-use of health-related gadgets, blood pressure and heart rate monitor combos are quickly becoming a household staple. The great thing about these gadgets is their simplicity, automatic functioning, long durability, and the fact that any member of the household can benefit from them. And, with a talking blood pressure monitor, you do not even have to worry about reading the results; the machine does it for you!

What’s so special about it?

The Digital Blood Pressure Machine from Paramed comes with a detachable cuff that allows for easier and safer storage, making the cuff wire last longer. The cuff is a universal size (8.7-15.7 inches), meaning that it can fit most people, so you do not have to worry about cuff sizes. The device also comes with additional accessories like the neat pouch, which allows for the device to be securely stored and used as a portable gadget, as well as 4 AA batteries so that you can instantly use the device upon delivery.


Digital Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15: Specifications

 Model No.: B15
Measurement range:

DIA: 40-130 mmHg

SYS: 60-230 mmHg

Pulse: 40-199 beats/min

Cuff pressure range:



Pressure +3 mmHg (0.4kPa)

Pulse: +5% of the reading

Measuring method: Oscillometric
Size: 140 (W) x 120 (L) X 67 (H) mm (5.51"(W)x4.72"(L)X 2.64"(H)]



Power source:

Internal - 4*AAA batteries, 1.5 V

External - DC 5V1A, 100-240VAC 50/60HZ

LCD size: 6*85mm (3.35"x2.6")
Cuff perimeter: 8.7-15.7in (22-40 cm)
Weight: 294.1 g
Package Dimensions: 6.54 x 5.28 x 4.02 inches; 1.23 pounds

What's in the box?

  • 1 Main Device,
  • 1 Cuff,
  • 1 Carry bag,
  • 1 User manual,
  • 1 Guide manual,
  • 4*AAA batteries.

Digital Blood Pressure Machine Paramed B15: How to use

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Plug the cuff into the machine

Before you begin, make sure that you are well rested and have not engaged in exercise or consumed caffeine at least 15-30 minutes before using the device. Whenever you’re ready, take the machine out of its designated pouch and plug the cuff into it

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Correct cuff placement

The correct position of the cuff is on your left arm (preferably on bare skin or light clothing), about an inch away from the elbow joint, with the main wire running down your arm and hanging down. Before you proceed, check the machine to make sure that the sign that the cuff is well placed is visible (a tick).

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Correct body position

The appropriate way position to use the machine is sitting up straight with your left arm resting on a hard surface and your hand opened toward the ceiling.

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Reading the results

While the test is running, which should only take a minute, try not to speak or move in any way so as not to disrupt the results. Also, remember to breathe as you usually do. After the test, the talking machine will tell you the results.

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Safe storage

When you’re done using the talking blood pressure monitor, detach the cuff from the machine and safely tuck both the cuff and the device into their pouch. They can then be securely transported and stored.

Watch our video to learn how to use the blood pressure monitor to get the correct result. You will also see how to set up a monitor there:

All your questions answered

The blood pressure and heart rate machine has a self-checking mechanism that will inform the user if the cuff is properly or improperly placed. If the cuff is properly positioned, a simple tick sign will appear on the screen. In case of improper positioning, an X sign will show up instead of the tick.

An irregular heartbeat, also known as arrhythmia, is indicated on the talking blood pressure monitor by the 3-heart sign. This may indicate that the user of the device has moved, spoken, or otherwise been active while the test was being conducted. However, it is advisable that you speak with your doctor about this since persistent manifestations of arrhythmia necessitate medical attention.

The digital blood pressure monitor records up to 120 measurements for two different users simultaneously. In order to view past readings, all you have to do is press the “MEM” button once and a previous measurement will appear. To continue reading past readings, press the “MEM” button again. Each consecutive press of the “MEM” button will indicate the prior reading (with the date and time at which they were taken).

The digital blood pressure monitor can store the blood pressure and heart rate readings of two different people. The device labels the users as A and B. To alternate between them, simply press the “SET” button once, and one of the letters will appear on the large LCD screen. To change to a different user, press the “SET” button one more time. In order to save your selection, press the “STOP” button.

Yes, if the user wishes to delete all of the previous measurements taken on the blood pressure monitor, they can press and hold the “MEM” button for longer than five seconds, and all of the data will be erased automatically.

This device is manufactured to meet the European blood pressure monitors: EN1060-1 • EN1060-3. IEC 80601-2-30. IS081060-1 • IEC60601-1-11. IEC60601-1 Electromagnetic compatibility: Device fulfills the stipulations of the International standard IEC60601-1-2 .

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