Blood pressure problems in teenagers. What should you know?

Hypertension in adolescents. What should teenagers with high blood pressure do?

The normal blood pressure for 14-18 year olds is 115/70 +-5 mmHg. If the blood pressure is higher than 130/90 - this is a reason to see a doctor.

High blood pressure in adolescents is related to the processes of their growth and development. And above all, with hormonal changes that occur in the body. By the way, hormonal changes are more likely to cause high blood pressure in boys than in girls. And the culprit is the hormone testosterone.

It is very important to see a doctor and not let the high blood pressure progress. In adolescence, there are a lot of diseases accompanied by hypertension. To avoid serious problems, it is very important to maintain a healthy weight, lead an active lifestyle and not have psychological tension.

We talked about how to deal with the symptoms of high blood pressure in a video. 

Hypotension in adolescents. What should adolescents with low blood pressure do?

It is important to understand that a reading of 110/70 mm Hg does not indicate a problem in a patient 14-18 years old if there are no signs of hypotension. Girls may have lower BP than boys.

Low blood pressure in adolescents may be accompanied by other diseases. In this case we are talking about secondary hypotension and here it is important to consult and examine a cardiologist or endocrinologist. If no diseases are detected and the pressure remains stably low, it is possible to talk about primary hypotension. This is a functional disorder that the child "outgrows" over time.

To improve the quality of life will help elementary measures such as a well-thought-out regime of rest and loads, proper diet, walks in the fresh air, moderate sports activities. We talked about how to deal with the symptoms of low blood pressure in a video.

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