Mistakes in blood pressure measurements that have a negative effect on the result

Why am I getting strange blood pressure measurements? 

Whether you use an automatic or a manual blood pressure monitor, there are rules that must be followed in order to get correct measurements.

We recommend that your blood pressure be measured only after 30 minutes in such cases:
  • after taking a bath
  • after physical activity
  • after meals, coffee or tea
  • after smoking.

Also, note that alcohol and some medications affect your blood pressure. Try to avoid it if you want to understand your normal blood pressure.

Before you start measuring, sit comfortably at the table. Place your feet on the floor, straighten your back, relax, and breathe calmly. Place the cuff on your arm one-half inch above your elbow. The cuff should fit snugly but not over the arm. Secure the cuff with Velcro. Try not to move, relax, breathe deeply and do not talk during the measurement.

how to use blood pressure monitor paramed

It is very important not to measure your blood pressure several times in a row without removing the cuff. The intervals between measurements should be at least 5 minutes. It is important to let the blood vessels return to normal, i.e. loosen the cuff or remove it at the break.

By the way, we have a video on how to use our automatic blood pressure machine and manual blood pressure cuff. Check them out to get the right results.

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