What should I do when I'm dizzy? Orthostatic hypotension

If you feel dizzy after getting out of bed, you are probably experiencing postural hypotension, and we will tell you what to do. 

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This state is characterized by a sharp decrease in blood pressure — over 20 mmHg from your normal level. Symptoms include weakness, ringing in your ears, dizziness, darkness in your vision, and loss of balance. Follow these rules to get back to normal quickly.


  • Drink water

A common reason for postural hypotonia is dehydration. You need to restore your body's water balance. Drink at least one glass of water; more is better.


  • Lie down or sit

No matter where you are when you have this feeling, try to get horizontal or as horizontal as possible. If you're at home, slightly elevate your legs. Lie down for 5-10 minutes.

  •  Move a bit

While lying on your back, make circular motions with your feet a few times. Then, raise your straight legs up and hold them there for several seconds. Repeat this a few times. Next, do this with your arms; move your wrists, and raise your arms a few times.

  • Get up

If you're lying on your back, turn to your side. Slowly get up and put your feet on the floor. Don't make fast or sudden movements.

  • Get a snack

Eat something salty to raise your blood pressure. But only if you won't have a side effect and you drink enough water.

  • Move

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, avoid standing. Walk, move, run. This ensures that your body is getting the oxygen it needs.

  • Future recommendations

To avoid future occurrences, raise the bed you sleep on slightly. Also, talk to your doctor about wearing compression stockings and doing suitable exercises.


Watch our video on how to quickly increase blood pressure at home:

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