How to use blood pressure monitor properly at home if you never used it

Today, every one out of five people aged 20 to 35 years old has prerequisites for high blood pressure. Increased blood pressure (hypertension) can cause stroke, heart attack, or other serious illnesses. Often, young people under stress suffer from hypertension, so even young and healthy people should regularly check their blood pressure.

What should I do to ensure that the results are reliable?

Everyone's blood pressure changes quite often. There are many factors that influence it. And we do not recommend measuring blood pressure in the following cases:

  • right after a bath
  • right after physical exercise
  • sooner than 30 minutes after a meal or a coffee
  • after drinking alcohol or smoking

We advise sitting still for at least 10 minutes before starting measurements. Then, follow the procedure instructions carefully.

How do I correctly attach the cuff to the arm?

Before switching on the device, sit up straight at a desk, place your feet on the floor, and relax. Wrap the cuff around your left arm above the elbow so that its edge is 2-3 cm from the elbow joint and the pipe is directly in the middle of your arm.

What should I do during measurement?

Switch the monitor on. Sit still and relax. Place your arm on the table with your palm facing up. Do not move, and breath calmly. Results appear on the screen within a minute. You will see your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heartbeat.

It is important not to measure the blood pressure several times in a row without removing the cuff. The intervals between measurements should be at least 5 minutes.

How to understand that the device detected an arrhythmia

Along with fast and clinically accurate BP readings, our monitor also delivers an irregular heart rate detection function. If you see three heart symbols on the screen, it indicates that the device has found an arrhythmia, which is a disruption in your heartbeat. This might mean that you need to relax, calm down, and not speak during the measurement. If the symbol appears several times in a single week, we recommend going to a doctor.

We have created a video on how to use an automatic blood pressure monitor. By the way, on our YouTube channel there are several videos about all our blood pressure monitor models.

The Paramed Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is high quality and easy to use. Our monitor is a reliable tool that is easy to use on a daily basis by those of all age groups. Paramed works so you can stay healthy.

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