Paramed News: We Participated at FIME Exhibition

Paramed is a health products brand and our priorities are quality and simplicity. That is why, we are always in search of new solutions and follow the news in our field. This is what motivated us to become participants at the FIME exhibition, which took place in Miami in September 2021.

Paramed Participation at the FIME exhibition

FIME is America's leading trade show
that is bringing together thousands of medical device manufacturers and suppliers, dealers, distributors and other healthcare professionals from all over the world.

This was the second time we participated in this event, but for the first time it happened offline. It was a wonderful experience. We met colleagues from the USA and other countries. More than 500 exhibitors from over 40 countries attended the show, including country pavilions to showcase cutting-edge innovations in health devices.

We saw our regular customers, received feedback and took on new ideas while our employees attended several educational business conferences within the framework of FIME.

We have showcased our products at the exhibition with dignity. We are very proud of our colleagues who prepared an excellent stand and provided consultations during the exhibition.

We are now in talks with new distributors from Brazil, Mexico, Ghana, Peru and Sri Lanka. We really hope that Paramed products will benefit people from these countries very soon!

America's leading trade show FIME and Paramed

Participation at the FIME exhibition gave us valuable experience, pleasure and connection with new partners from the USA and other countries. We are grateful to everyone involved and believe in the success of our new plans. Thank you for being with us! Together we will make health care simple and professional.

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